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Cruising the Eastern Caribbean

We know things are always changing, so in an effort to make sure our readers always have current infomation we use this site to post updates to the Cruising Guide until the next edition is published. If you have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Since we can no longer fit everything in the Cruising Guide without mounting it on wheels, this is where you’ll also find extras like detailed hikes and maps, GPS waypoints, info on customs and communications, and links to useful websites.

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Help Babuda

Help Dominica

Donate to Ray Thakery who is buying supplies and delivering them via yachts and boats

Help Dominica

Hank Schmitt is sending aid directly to P.A.Y.S. and Portsmouth through Offshore Passage Opportunities.

Help Dominica

Funds sent to Sea Cat in Castle Comfort through will go fixing his yacht support systems.

Hurricane Activity


This hurricane season has been unprecedented. In September 2017 Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria all caused damage within or around the Eastern Caribbean. Hurricane Irma caused significant damage to both marine and land-based infrastructure in AnguillaBarbuda, St. Martin, St. Barts and the Virgin Islands. Similairly, Dominica was in the direct path of Hurricane Maria. These islands are coming back slowly, and while our hearts and minds are with all those affected, we know that they will be able to recover and rebuild. Please help in this effort by donating, we give some good links above.


Beach bars are opening in Anguilla and you can probably visit anytime. In St. Martin, the bridge into Simpson Bay is opening twice a day, but the causeway bridge is not yet operational. The big chanderlies and services such as FKG are up and running. You can visit, but watch out carefully for wrecks as removal is not far along yet. St. Barts will be ready and back on track by November 1st. Barbuda and Dominica will take a little more time, but will hopefully be ready for visitors in December.  For more detailed information visit the Guide Updates tab at the top of this page or the Doyle Guides Facebook page.  


In light of the recent frequent hurricane activity, we have added the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Magic Seaweed (wind and swell predictor) to the Useful Tools tab at the top of this page. Stay safe, stay informed.

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